Saturday, 11 June 2016

Maude's Summer Edwardian Day Dress Part 1: Buying Fabrics

This next project is called "Maude's Summer Day Dress" after the stunning actress, Maude Fealey, whose classical looks and beautiful portraits have inspired me on Pinterest. I could imagine her wearing something similar to Butterick B5970, along with a huge, flowery hat and a Gibson Girl hairstyle.
I have decided to use a pattern this time, as browsing through the catalogs at my local sewing shop, I saw this and fell in love. Not to mention, using a commercial project seems a lot easier than self-drafting and using various books and adapting sizes to fit myself. The look was just what I wanted, no editing needed! So I bought it, scraping together every last penny in my purse, as really I just went into the shop for a browse! :)

Isn't it gorgeous! I could just imagine wearing this for a stroll around the lakeside at a country estate, or drinking tea in the gardens with some lady friends.

Excuse the wrinkles in the dusty pink satin I bought; this is going to be for the pleated belt that goes with the ensemble. I just love the colour and sheen! It looks like a jewel, the way it reflects in the natural light. It was very cheap too, at nearly £2 for the satin. 
For the main body of the dress, I purchased 7 meters of white cotton (polycotton, I think) with thin black stripes. It was cheaper than plain cotton, at £1.99 a meter, which came to £13.93 in total, which was great as I was expecting to fork out around £40 pounds if I hadn't found this really pretty fabric! The stripe is very subtle, and the fabric so soft and sheer - perfect for summer!

Seeing as I didn't spend as much as I was expecting on the Edwardian costuming side of things, I treated myself to some vintage cotton with blue roses on. I just can't resist blue roses on fabrics, and the print reminded me of an Innocent World Lolita dress I once coveted, so it would have been hard to leave it in the shop. This has nothing to do with costuming, as I'm trying to decide whether I'd like to make a Lolita JSK or OP with it, or a casual 50s tea-length pinafore dress with it, with ric rac for straps... Too many ideas - but I think I'm leaning more towards the 1950s idea.

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