Tuesday, 28 June 2016

1770s Indienne Gown: The Planning Stages

Through Vivien's blog, Fresh Frippery, I discovered that along with some friends she has made a beautiful robe à l’Anglaise retroussée from an IKEA duvet set, called “LJUSÖGA”. I heard that the fabric style was historically accurate, and therefore I jumped at the chance to go along to IKEA and buy a set! I got the double set, which came with four pillowcases. (Hope you don't mind me jumping on the bandwagon, as it looks a lot of fun!)

I plan on making the duvet into either a Robe à la Française if I have enough material - I did get the smaller version as we're a bit short on cash at the moment - or a robe a la Polonaise if I don't have enough fabric for the flowing pleats at the back of a Francaise. From the pillowcases, I may make another fichu.

In my mind, I have something like this image below planned, with a pinned front and similar sleeves. I've made a sketch, but I have yet to refine it and scan it in. The petticoat will be a similar shade of red, and I'm thinking a simple straw hat with red trimmings for day wear. But before I start any of that, I need to make a functioning pair of stays! My last ones turned out awful as I forgot to shape the boning, so it cut into me - literally - and was very painful to wear.

Robe a la Polonaise from the V&A, 1775-1780

As a side note, at the moment I am still sewing the bodice of my Edwardian Maude's Summer Day Dress, and I have a feeling that some photos of my progress will come very soon!

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