Sunday, 19 June 2016

1790s Spotted Gold Open Robe at Lyme Park

Some of these photos are taken of the garment on me rather than on my mannequin, as the robe looks absolutely awful on the mannequin - all baggy, and completely the wrong size! However, it fits me like a glove! But I've also taken some photos on the mannequin, for completions sake, which you can see here on my blog.

Today my family traveled to Lyme Park at the National Trust in order for me to get some photos of my recently-finished 1790s open robe for my portfolio. It was also a bit of (nervous) fun to be dressed up in early-Regency style at a stately home, and surprisingly enough, I saw lots of people dressed up as Edwardians, so I didn't feel too out of place!

We didn't have too much time in the gardens, as it looked as though it were about to start raining, so I got changed to save the fabric of my dress!

I'm not wearing any underpinnings, unfortunately, as I haven't made any yet/can't find many 1790s transitional stays or patterns for sale. However, I don't think I'm far off the right silhouette. 

The back view, which has been wrinkled a bit by spending an hour and a half in the car. I'm also wearing my 1790s black and gold turban, and underneath is my 1790s chemise en robe. I accessorized with some feathers, a 1940s pearl necklace, and some little pearl earrings from Accessorize.

 The dress was really hard to walk around in, seeing as it is just that little bit too long.

I may have looked insane, but I felt like a Regency empress for a day!

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