Wednesday, 15 June 2016

1790s Spotted Gold Open Robe

Today I finally finished this project that had been on hold for so long! It took a lot of hand sewing to get it to the final stages, such as sewing on the binding at the back and hemming by hand, using an invisible slip stitch.
I'd never usually sew so much by hand, as it's time-consuming and quite mind-numbing in my opinion, but I've found it rather relaxing over the past few days, as I can sit in my room, listen to music, and just get on with it in peace - no heavy sewing machines and broad table spaces needed.

Here are some photos of it on the mannequin, completed with my 1790s chemise en robe and turban, as well as a 1940s pearl necklace (but shush, nobody will notice, I hope!). This is the ensemble I will be wearing this weekend hopefully, for some photos at a National Trust destination that I've never visited before - so I'm pretty excited!

Pinned together at the front, which is a historically accurate fastening.

The 'invisible' stitches from the front,

I love the view from this angle, as it really reminds me of late 1790s - early Regency evening wear!

In this picture you can see my rather large slip stitches, which should be almost invisible on the other side. I'm not sure why, but the gold looks more like silver in this photo.

 Soon I'll have better pictures of the robes, worn on me at a historical site.

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