Saturday, 19 March 2016

Wearing my Chemise en Robe at Tatton Park

Today I went to Tatton Park with my family, seeing as it was the first day in months that the house was open, due to bad winter weather. The day wasn't exactly spring-like and sunshiny, but at least we got some good shots.
In these photos I accessorised with pearl drop earrings, a pearl necklace, a black taffeta sash and two black ribbons to tie around my sleeves. The great thing about chemise en robes is that you can mix and match with different colours each time, so I may make a purple sash someday.

Entrance to the gardens...

The back view (I hand-sewed an additional panel into the back so that it would fit)

I'm not usually this sour-faced, but in these photos I didn't want to have a big grin, either.

Outside my house... Just kidding! I wish.

It felt rather strange wearing this ensemble around the gardens and house, as everybody else was wearing walking gear and modern-day clothes. Strangely enough, nobody asked any questions, but I did make a few people smile and say "look, there's a Georgian!". I'd like to do photoshoots for future costumes I make, maybe at other historical houses and gardens. It was a lot of fun, even if I was freezing!
Again, it was wonderful to be at Tatton Park once more! I love the interiors, the portraits, and all the different rooms; I feel very inspired there, and can't wait to go again in the summer some time.

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