Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Beginning Ribbon Embroidery

Last week I was looking at some tutorials online for ribbon embroidery, as my next project is to be a Victorian nightdress with ribbon embroidery, and I found this video by Crafty Attic. I've fallen in love with the pincushions and how easy she makes it look, as well as the fact that you can colour the roses in! So, I've taken the plunge and bought some silk ribbon and needles! I'm going to make pincushions for myself and my grandmother for Mother's day, as she helps me with sewing a lot. It would also be nice to take on the plane with me when I go on holiday.

Already I can see that it is such a fun, relaxing hobby, and I've enjoyed my afternoon embroidering a lot.

I started by getting my rose and apple tea ready with my lovely china, as I had a guest in the morning and wanted to make things pretty for her, as she's a Lolita like myself. She had gone by then, but it was still fun to live elegantly for a while, even if I am on my own. You can see my cat, Luna, that had been drinking the milk when my back was turned - the evidence is all over her face!

My first rose wasn't very successful, but I soon got the hang of it. I decided on lilac cotton for my pincushion background, as it's my favourite colour. 

When the cat was banished from drinking my tea, the dog joined us on the bed. My embroidery pals, who frequently interrupt me for cuddles! :)

Some roses that I made and coloured in. I did more and coloured that in, but I couldn't take any more photos as it went dark. My French knots are quite big and loopy (some of them), so I've turned them into rose buds and added some sprays of blue buds. 

The video that inspired me:


  1. Wow, a great job, Ellie!!! It looks so sweet! Did you enjoy it?
    And awww, I didn't know you have a kitty - my heart officially melted:-) Such a cutie!

    1. Thanks, Rosa! It was a lot of fun, and very relaxing. Today I think I'm going to work on making those French knots a little better, as they're a bit clumsy. :)

      And yeah, she's my sister's cat, but I think that she likes me better than her, because I give her more attention. ;)