Friday, 11 March 2016

Future Costuming Plans

This year I hope to do a lot more costuming, as it's become one of my main obsessions for over a year now. Here's a list of the things I want to make in the future. I may not get them all done this year (it would be amazing if I could, though), so it can carry on for the next five years seeing how slow I am at making things. :)

In no particular order, I have planned:

  • Sky Blue 1790s Open Robe (to go with my chemise en robe I recently made)
  • 1790s transitional stays
  • 1790s turban to match the open robe

  • 1860s Sunshine Yellow Quadrille Ballgown (for a dancing festival I may go to)
  • Mid-Victorian corset (the chemise is already in progress, but it doubles up as a nightgown :))

  • 18th Century sack-back gown in pale blue and black
  • Some more 18th Century stays
  • A shift/chemise to wear under the stays
  • Some hand-sewn plain white petticoats, one striped, and one with a ruffle. 

  • Some Edwardian day dresses based on this pattern; I already have variations in my mind, but I'm planning on a black and blue dress, a white dress with lace inserts, and a black and gold trim dress made of velvet. 
  • Edwardian corset

  • Lilac Regency Fairytale Ballgown
  • Plain white, or striped, Regency dress

  • Glinda the Good Witch costume from the Wizard of Oz
  • 18th Century panniers as underpinnings

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