Saturday, 5 March 2016

Liberty-Print Fantasy Skirt

This skirt only took a few hours to make, as it came from a pattern I had used and adapted before, to make my Queen of Hearts skirt; I wear this skirt a lot, so I thought another skirt of the same pattern was called for.

It's quite a boring skirt, just used in modern and casual Lolita coordinates, but I'm going to inject it into my vintage-inspired and modern holiday wardrobe, so I get a touch of Lolita in my outfits. The main attraction of this skirt, however, is the fabric.

I've got some closeups of the Liberty print, which I got on sale for £10 a metre at Abakhan. It has lions, angels, dragons, chariot horses and a crawling plant print, which reminded me of so many books that I love. I collect Lolita prints with angels and cherubs on, so how could I resist this fabric?

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