Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Romantic Mourning OP at the Graveyard

Finally, I've got some finished photographs so that I can put this dress in my portfolio! It's taken a while, but I've finally got round to it, inspired by the purchase of my headdress from Pina Sweetcollection and platform shoes (from Montreal) on the EGL UK Sales. I was really going for an Old School look here, to match the old school look that I love so much and designed with the dress. I really miss those early Gothic Lolita Bible trends, so I wanted to express that with the dress and styling. You can see it in my portfolio here.

The graveyard has always fascinated and inspired me, it's such a magical place with abandoned, bricked-up Victorian buildings, overgrown tombstones and brilliant architecture with angels and crosses. 


  1. Like a porcelain doll, dearest<3<3<3 So cute! Those shoes look great with that, are they comfortable?

    1. Really? Thanks so much! <3
      The shoes are really comfortable, though because they're old, the platforms/soles were a bit loose and ripped off the base of the shoe when I tripped over at my grandparents' house (very elegant and Lolita-ish of me, I know ;)). My Dad's glued them back together though, so they should be okay now. :) I'm really glad they fit though, as on the EGL Sales they were two sizes bigger than I usually wear - but strangely enough, my intuition worked and they fit perfectly!