Sunday, 19 March 2017

Plaid Honoria Knickerbockers and Waistcoat

A while ago I started this project, but have only just recently finished it! It started with looking at Ouji/boystyle in Lolita, and I decided that I wanted some long-ish knickerbockers to experiment with the style, but it soon started looking more like a historical sewing project, like the cycling shorts that Angela made for her 1890's cycling ensemble. So I went with that instead, and made a matching waistcoat with a men's pattern by Simplicity.

It all went together relatively easily, and even the waistcoat wasn't much of a challenge! It was the first time I had lined something, and made a welt pocket. And they actually work as pockets! 

Even the button holes worked out okay, done by machine. Usually buttonholes are my nemesis.

Cuff of the bloomers, which reach around the top of my calves. They fit really nicely.

I feel rather spiffing wearing it! I think in the future I'll make a matching Edwardian jacket and a blouse/shirtwaist, so that it can become a cycling outfit a bit like Angela's and I can take a photo for my portfolio, but for now, expect lots of 1950's dresses!

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