Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Maude's Summer Edwardian Day Dress Part 2: The Sleeves

Here I have finished off the bodice by sewing on some gathered lace that I bought at Abakhan last weekend, and attaching the lace to the lacy sleeves. I think the lace completes it, in a way, as before the bodice looked rather plain with just the gathered edges. I just love it!

Details of the lace, which is probably the nicest lace I've found so far.

At the moment I'm also sewing the long, flared skirt using French seams. It's going well so far, and looks rather neat. It's the first time I've used French seams before, and I rather like the technique - I'll probably use it again in future projects, as fraying edges on seams always manage to irritate me.

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