Thursday, 7 April 2016

Idle Hands

Idle hands make work for the devil, or so I heard a woman in JoAnn's Fabrics say, talking about me, when told that I like to make costumes. It's true though! If I didn't have fabrics, sewing projects, drawings and books to write to distract me, I have no idea what I'd be doing now - I'm not one to cause trouble or get into mischief, but I do suffer from health problems and Aspergers, things which I need to be distracted from. And without these distractions I'd be in a very dark place. Instead of going out partying, or hanging out with friends, I prefer to spend my time sewing with my grandmother - that may make me a bit weird, but I have a passion for sewing and get restless and bored when there are no projects on the go.

I'm currently on a trip to Florida, and while I can't do any sewing here (my hand-sewing needle snapped on the first day, and who could manage to smuggle their sewing machine in? haha), I did pick up some gorgeous fabrics.

I got; some gold taffeta with black embroidered spots and some black ribbon for my 1790s open robe, three yards of teal spotted chiffon for a 1920s one-hour dress, and some brown suiting fabric with a thin teal stripe for a future Victorian child's dress.
These colours usually go way out of my comfort zone, as with my oddities and obsessions, I usually end up picking the same colours for everything (pink, lilac, blue, white and black). But the gold, teal and brown are really different for me, so I'm pleased that I'll get some really unique pieces out of this shopping trip!
I also spotted some other fabrics that I really wanted, such as some linen; I couldn't decide between acidic green (nicer than I make it sound), burnt orange, or lavender. Maybe I'll go back and get one of the colours if I still have some money left - I have my mind set on an 18th Century linen round gown, possibly in the aforementioned orange.

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